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Cranston Climate Bond

Climate change requires a response at every level of government, and we need to take climate action action now. Steve Stycos and John have proposed a $5M bond to finance renewable energy systems and increase energy conservation measures within the City.

The #CranstonClimateBond will allow us to invest in projects aimed at reducing Cranston's carbon footprint, such as: 

  • Placing solar panels on the Knightsville Library.

  • Adding temperature controls and LED lights to City Hall and other libraries.

  • Improving energy efficiency in our schools with better insulation and windows.

  • Installing an electric vehicle charging station. 

This proposal isn't just good for our climate, they make good financial sense, too! Climate mitigation projects will save our city money, just like the existing solar panels on Cranston High School West save taxpayers $9,500/year in energy costs. 

The #CranstonClimateBond will appear on the November ballot in Cranston, and I hope you will join me in supporting it. 


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